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03-03-2012, 03:35 AM
Originally Posted by Farktoid5000
There is a trick to reclaiming the shuttle from this bundle. Here's what you do:

1. Discard the Bajoran weapons.
2. Dismiss the duty officers that came with the bundle.
3. Go to a different map to empty your recycle bin
4. Open the C-Store and reclaim the bundle. Make sure you have an open ship slot.

This should give you everything you discarded back, plus the shuttle. Hope this helps.

While it's nice to see someone respond to an inquiry on the Bajoran Bundle, but I'm gonna have to, again, echo the sentiment that we really need to be able to claim the weapons multiple times, like we can with the TOS Bundle.

I have a Bajoran Captain/Crew that I was ecstatic when this was released.. only to be not just a little peeved that the weapons were a single claim item. Why does this information not make it into the product descriptions??

Is there any hope of having this *problem* (and it is a problem) addressed, fixed?

Heretic responded to my last attempt at an answer on 2/17 Here and Here, but I got no "answer".