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03-03-2012, 08:42 AM
Originally Posted by bringram View Post
I am seeing an increase in DPS with the plasma disruptor DHC after the patch. Not sure what is going on.
Last night I was getting just over 3100. Tonight I've done two runs and I've gotten 5,399 and 6456. The only thing I'm not sure of is range. Tonight I've done it just inside 4k. Last night I was doing it from 4k-5k. I knew that cannons do better at shorter range but I didn't think they could make that much of a difference.
It could be a mix of range and other players using debuffs.
I've seen some ridiculously high parses after running with a group where almost everyone was debuffing the crap out of everything. It turns my DHC's/turrets into jesus on wheels lol...

You might wanna checkout this program: Starship WeaponsCalculator
Its got a distance calculator that from what I can tell is fairly accurate. As well as some other pretty cool features.

In elite pug stf's debuffing is often more helpful than self dmg buffs. Debuffing a target that's being focus fired helps the entire team.
Plus in pugs where half the team is usually buffless beam boats helping them all do more damage is far more helpful than the short burst of +25% dmg omega gives you as a single player.

Originally Posted by Venturion
I'm still incredibly confused as to what I should get for my Prototype Borg Salvage. Should I get Antiproton DHC's or DC's? Are these viable weapons for PvP?
I'm honestly not sure! Can you guys provide any insight towards this question? Browsing around, I see a lot of people say that DHC's are better, but there are still quite a few people who swear by DC's.
Slightly OT:
As far as I know none of the [Borg] procs do anything in pvp. And for the most part in pvp you wanna shoot for massive burst damage which the DHC's do very well.

Back OT:
Personally I still use the Mk xi AP DHC [crtd]x2 [dmg] for both pvp and pve.
Imo in stf's getting 10k+ crits on a regular basis > 7.5% chance to do 1k radiation damage on a weapon that hardly shoots enough to proc.
But keep in mind I'm using 4x DHC's/all turrets. I run 0 torps. ->Increases the chance for big nasty +70% severity cannon crits.