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03-03-2012, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by madpaddy View Post
Yep report away thats the idea,complaining and whinging isnt the same as reporting a problem is it..(Topic game keeps game crashes when i loggon or when i get to lvl 3 my toon freezes etc) thats reporting.(My game keeps crashing FFFFFFFFSSSSSSS with this game is %$* im sick of this crap etc) isnt reporting.
Gentleman? This dosnt seem to be 25th Century behavior..... more like crude 21st Century bickering that accomplishes nothing and reminds me of civilization that is based off sickle consumption. Nothing like the Federation of Planets.

I have the same crashing problem as well.
My computer is far from top notch and Im using my 32inch HD flatscrean. The game runs perfect in the sector of space that im in. I can move around and interact with anything, but once I hit a loading screen, no matter where to, It crashes.

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