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03-03-2012, 09:59 AM
Size issues: This is very much a short term issue. Why are ships so small and why are interiors so massive? There's never so many players inside your bridge that they need to be the size of a football pitch, I want to see everything toned down to be a bit more realistic.

In space, I'd like to see better proportions between ships. I understand there's probably a lot of technical issues there, but new players flying their little Miranda's should be awe-struct as they see Galaxy classes flying overhead in the Sol system and Cubes should dwarf everyone. It would make the game feel much more epic.


More exploration: Not enough missions focus on exploration, and there's no sense of wonder or adventure from travelling in space. It's just accept mission, travel to planet, beam down/ship combat. The cluster missions do attempt to solve this, but I feel they should be more randomly placed. Things players can stumble upon anywhere, to give us more reason to just randomly explore sections of space.

It's been discussed before, but we need to get rid of the sectors and open up space into one huge map, have more exploration missions and keep some kind of record as to who first discovered a new planet, who achieved certain things there before, etc. A record of what's happened with others, to add some kind of life to the worlds.


More interaction with crew/ship: This is probably my biggest complaint with the game. Your crew are essentially nothing but skill icons. I love the fact that you can completely customise them, it instantly makes you feel much more attached to them, than it would if you were assigned pre-generated NPC's, but I still feel they could have been used better.

For instance, the shows are always very much about the entire crew of the ship, not just the captain. I would have liked to see the entire crew be much more important to gameplay. When you beam down to an unkown planet, you could play as your security officer. If there's a medical emergency, send down your doctor to play as, etc. Your captain could still be used for diplomatic missions and for use as your general avatar on space stations, etc, but it would make the rest of the crew feel a bit more important.

There's a similar problem with your ship. Virtually nothing happens on there. There's no missions inside your ship, no activities and just no reason to go inside at all. I want to see a featured series that takes place completely inside your ship (or at least several episodes), with your whole crew having to deal with some kind of issue.