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03-03-2012, 10:23 AM
TS1, TS2, CSV2, CSV3
TT1, TT2, APO1,

After that for science you need a hazard emitters to clear debuffs and a heal and resistance, and a polarize hull goes nicely for resistance buff and to free you from tractors.

Using an engineer to give an aux to integrity gives you a nice heal you can pair with the hazards and an aux battery to good effect on yourself or a team mate. I'll often put an engineering team in here for healing out of combat, or for using on the Kang. In combat obviously you're running the two tactical teams.

Just thought I'd drop this here for you again. You don't need that extra science. There's nothing you need to CC that you just can't destroy. There's nothing that you can CC long enough to wait for your single target abilities to refresh. AOE them down. AOE will always be the king in these as the faster the groups go down the more time you have for the large objects. AOE is FAR more effective at dealing with the groups than single target and only SLIGHTLY less effective on the large objects.