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03-03-2012, 10:02 AM
I found disruptors and phasers lack luster in pvp...a lot of people rock resistance armor to them so here is what I did.

U.S.S. Phalanx

2x Tetryon DBB MK XI
2x Tetryon BA MK XI

3x Tetryon BA MK XI
1x Quantum Torp MK X1

(the quantum is filling in for a spot till I get another one and then another tetryon beam array for fore: 1 DBB, 1 QT, 2 BA aft: 3 BA 1 QT)

Tac consoles:
3x Tetryon dmg boosters rare MK XI

Engineer consoles:
2x EPS flow rare MK XI, 1x Armor w/ pha + disrup resistance very rare MK XI, Shield emitter rare MK XI

Science console:
Field emitter very rare MK XI
Shield Emitter amplifier rare MK XI

Positron Deflector XI very rare
Covariant capx2 phaser resist very rare MK XI

Tac boffs:
VERY tempted to go FAW1, APB1, and BO1 or FAW1

Eng boffs:
EPtW1, RSP1, EPtS3, ETS3
EPtS1, ET1, AtSIF2, (rotating into commander spot has EWP2 for moar debuff)
I have a third I can rotate in and out that has EPtS1, EPtW2, DEM2, an ETS3 which I may experiment with DEM and FAW more.

Sci Boffs:
ST1, HE2
VERY tempted to try using FBP or Tractor beam

I noticed with FAW 1v1 or chasing down someone in pvp, my tetryons EAT shields it. The debuff for disruptors never really seemed to help me when I rocked full disruptors. One PVP session with full purple MK XI Tetryons and I was EATING SHIELDS.