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03-03-2012, 12:33 PM
I have a tetryon, anti-proton, phaser, and a "new" polaron set.

For STFs I'd have to say anti-proton is by far the best one, and my favorite. The extra boost in dps is very nice.

In pvp I use AP and phaser, and the difference is quite small, although if the phaser effect procs, taking down shields, but all my abilities are on CD... it feels like such a waste, whereas the AP is just a dps boost.

The tetryon in STFs seem really weak as most things don't even have shields. And the small bird-of-prey or probes never last long enough for the proc to be really useful. I have since stored these weapons away and have not been using them at all.

The polaron WAS in the same catagory as tetryon, and was in storage for a long time. Only recently pull it back out because of the gem hadar set bonus. But I've not yet had the chance to really use them.

To answer your question, I think AP is worth it. Especially if you have a small pile of rare borg salvages laying around.