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03-03-2012, 03:41 PM
depending on how many RBS* you have, I recommend getting 2 DHC*, 1 DBB* + Quantum Torpedo Launcher up front + 3 Turrets on aft. Quite effective.
*look at bottom of post
Cannons and DBB* if possible should be Mk XI, the other don't really matter. You need 7 RBS* for a MK X set and 14 RBS* for a Mk XI set

That is what I run on my advanced heavy escort, well, used to. Got rid of it about 2 weeks ago! Run an Odyssey with 3 Mk XI Beam Banks + Mk XI Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher up front and 3 Mk X Beam Banks + Mk X Quantum Torpedo Launcher on the aft. Quite effective with torpedo high yield 3, spread 3 + fire at will.

DHC= Dual Heavy Cannons
DBB= Dual Beam Bank
RBS= Rare Borg Salvage