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03-03-2012, 04:50 PM
Depends on what the drain build is for.

Tyken is good because of its strength..but thing is, by itself its not enough to shut down an NPC ship nor bother much a player ship (unless you sub-nuke him).

My sci ship and cruiser run a hybrid type of drain build.

Sci ship runs full polarons with siphon3, siphon2 and tyken 1. That does shut down -any- ship. With high aux, siphon 3 and 2 overlap each other...the time it affects enemy ships is longer than the drain timer and the time it benefits your ship is almost as long as the timer you effectively, for 20 seconds or so, have stacked siphon power gain. Add polarons draining the target and subsystem target attacks peppering the shield or engine and its a very nasty combo. Great tank too since you run triple 100+ power bars nonstop XD

The cruiser (odyssey) uses a similar setup but to benefit its tanking ability. siphon 2 and 1 plus emg pwr to shields 3 and 2. Using polarons. Same effect as above except it doesnt shut down ships but wow it uses their power to keep itself alive very well.