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Just bought the Wrath of khan uniform set and even though ive just paid 440 cryptic points to buy the uniform they have even got the nerve to charge me even more credits to change it all? Crypic what the hell is going on? Not happy at all!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to make your customers happy re think the way you do things because you really havent got a clue when it comes to sorting your Stuff out!!!!! Im a honest good guy but thats a take if ever ive seen one and trust me ive seen a hell of a lot in my 37 years on this planet but it seems to me like you are all living in the 2400 century and not in the real world were most of the us live and are having a total melt down!!!!!!! Please add more comments if you think im right because if we dont act now all cryptic is going to do is RIP us off even more in the future!!!!!!!!!!

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