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03-03-2012, 07:53 PM
I have a similar issue to the OP title.

With a KDF character I was attempting to trade a Boff I had to another player's character so they could train it. But, despite the Boff not have any equipment on it gave an error stating it had equipment. The Boff was not on a Station either. The Boff was a regular Tac Orion Female I've had a long time so she may be from the 1st group of Boffs my character was given.

Then, the other player sent via trade a Boff to me. It wasn't until after I accepted the trade I realized 2 things. 1st the Boff was his marauding reward (a human) and 2nd it went strait to my active roster, I wasn't in the train/commission limbo I expected it to be. I attempted to mail the Boff back, but I couldn't attach it, it gave a message saying to try again later. I had sent him 2 Tac Boffs I'd had in limbo so he could train one of those and return it while I returned his marauding reward (he could keep the other for helping out). He wasn't able to attach the Boffs I'd sent him to the mail he was trying to send me. I felt so bad I sent him a blue Lethean(sp?) sci boff I had in limbo.

Still, there was no error listed stating the Boff was bound (like the andriod Boff eg). This was my 1st time trying to trade Boffs for training and it obviously didn't go well. How do we know when we can trade/mail a Boff and when we can't?