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03-04-2012, 12:38 AM
One must ask: Are you look at a team build, or a solo build?

My experience, and yours most certainly may differ, is the for a solo build then a diverse range of weapons works best. Energy, kinetic, mines, everything you can think of. The reason is that when soloing you'll be switching your tactical role on the fly constantly. Also, when soloing you're likely facing fewer targets, so obsessing over DPS isn't as much as an issue as is personal survival, since you're the only one the enemy is going to be shooting at as well.

In a team build the reverse is usually true: Stick with one theme and min/max it in conjunction with the rest of the team. In this case, your all-energy weapon build is certainly a valuable contribution, especially if you can min/max your weapon power ratings and other appropriate buffs. You will be the defacto shield dropper of your team. This will allow someone else to load their ship up with a full suite of torpedoes in which to finish your targets off quickly (most likely the science captain hanging out at maximum range and buffing your shields as you go in guns blazing).

Just remember this: There is no one answer to everything. Solutions are always situational. What works great in some situations will fail in others. What looks stupid in one situation will be exactly what is needed in others. I've seen ships with nothing but cannons, others with nothing but torpedoes, even ships using nothing but turrets. All have their place in the game - it's simply a matter of matching the right kit to the job at hand.