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Here we have the Alpha of the Jem'hadar invasion fleet (A Gamma Jem'Hadar from 2376), he's TURNING ON A FOUNDER. This is the same type of jem'hadar from teh same era where they commit mass suicide before they'd harm a founder directly OR indirectly. The jem'hadar are genetically programmed not to harm them and yet this one is freely happy to sick his own men on them (again, 2376 hadar, so you cant say "25 years changes a lot of things"). This is almos as stupid as saying the Jem'hadar hatcheries are giant forcefield covered egg pits as opposed to their cannon depiction of the vat things that they found on DS9.

The entire 2800 series has been highly dissapointing, only one missionw as really worth playing (the first one), Of Bajor was patheticlly boring and mission gamma was just tedious.

I totally agree with these statements right here. I'm glad for the new "content" as it were, but not happy with the "content" of the new series. I've been watching DS9 for a long time and just recently started watching the entire series from start...there is ALOT that these folks have not gotten right. The quoted section above highlights some of the major ones I've seen.

Also, it was commented earlier that the voice of the Founder was way off from the actress that portrayed that character. I understand why it might be difficult to get that person to do a voice over, and I'm sure the person that did the voice for the game put a lot of work into trying to get the voice right, but it was so off it was difficult to listen to. And I honestly was looking forward to seeing the Founder's involvement in the mission.

What I think they should have done is lengthened the discussion with the Founder in the cell before freeing her. Talk to her and explain what the situation was. Could have even done a cut scene where the discussion plays out and you choose the they did for Of Bajor. Her segment of the mission was just way too short and almost like an afterthought. I also didn't like that the cell she was in had a bucket and the object from Odo's quarters seen in the series. I thought that was rather poor taste considering that was an "Odo" reference and not something other Founders used.

The final battle scene in space was also disappointing. I agree with the comments made about the ships not moving. A defiant class ship is just sitting there taking fire? NOT accurate! And it was firing photons (they are equipped with quantums in Canon for starters) instead of firing the phaser cannons? And the bridge scene for that was not very well put together and honestly makes me cringe everytime I watch it. It was obviously that they designed it to show off the Belfast bridge because of the way they panned across from the start. No way was it necessary for the Captain to walk across to his officer to give the order to fire photon torpedoes.

Ultimately, I think the problem that Cryptic (and Perfect World) has is that they may be good in a "technical" sense (i.e. computer generated aspects) but none of them are storytellers. None of them are "writers." What made Star Trek so great is the storytelling and well written episodes that kept us coming back for more each week. That's missing in this series and in other aspects of the game as well. Now, I grant that on occasion they've been good storytellers with certain missions, but there is no consistency to the storytelling. It's so hit and miss from mission to mission that I honestly think they need to hire some actual writers to sit down and flesh out these stories. Then have the technical people in the company put it out in the game for everyone to experience. Maybe they already have that, so I might be way off, but the way I interpret what I'm seeing is that it's the people creating the game that are also writing the stories and they're not all suited for that task. This series highlights that better than others. Great opportunities to tell a story (which they got off to a great start in Second Wave) and have let it go by.

I'm also feeling very disappointed because DS9 is my favorite of all the Trek series and I had very high hopes for this series. Unfortunately, I have been disappointed ever since Of Bajor came out. I can only hope that the final episode in the series is as epic as I had hoped the entire series would be.