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03-04-2012, 08:45 AM
Yeah, you're right, ground PVP is on a whole more balanced than a lot of people let on. Staying mobile and alert at long range is hard to do though when you're fighting someone you can't see and die the instant you can. I've done everything like immediately using medical tricorder or diverolling to max damage resistance/dodge, which helps, but still die.

It's not so much a problem on the close, hallway-centric group pvp maps where you can run around spamming tricorder scan or chroniton mines like a paranoid fool, but on an open map like Otha you really can't do anything about it, except have a bunch of friends gank them after they one-shot one of you, which they will do. In both cases though it's extremely annoying as a properly-traited tactical character is basically impossible to find before they hit you, and then lock down if they carry a type-3 phaser rifle like everyone should in PVP.

I have a tactical myself, I do it all the time. Although I do wish their other kits were more viable.