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03-04-2012, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by blueamdgamer View Post
This weekend has been the worst since this problem started with F2P launched. I have talked with many other players in Zone Chat, TTS Chat, Redalert Chat, Fleet Chat, many others are having the same problem, every game update and every weekend so far with the launch of a new episode of the Featured Series the Disconnects from the Server are getting serious, I cant even stay logged in long enough today to do anything. Since there is no live Devs online to help out with this to give maybe a suggestion how to deal with it, I have tried what other players recommended, Deleting the STO Live Cache, didn't work, trying to Select a different Proxy Server, well I live in Ontario Canada, I tried the US one, that just made things worse, so I set it back to None, at least that got me past the loading screen and got to loggin for a minute to see my ship in sector space before I got booted out again. Like I said tons of people are having this problem, I keep seeing in the patch notes Server Stability updates, ? I don't think so. hopefully a helpful Dev will read this like Brandon and help us players out that would like to play the game. I sure just like any other game, if people get ****ed off enough with trying to loggin they will just go play another game.
Yes the servers have been really pushed this weekend I play STO from the east coast of the United States and I have probably been disconected more times this weekend. You do have to remember that FE's bring a lot of players and with a lot of players comes lag. probably after 1 week of the release of the FE we will see a lot less players log on.