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03-04-2012, 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
Thamupp is exactly right. Only the ground skills change, everything else remains the same.

Obviously there is more than one way to build a cruiser and especially as an engineer you may want to use a second ET instead of the EPtW - but then you should probably drop one of the other teams (TT/ST) or possibly both because of cooldown issues and then we are exactly in the "if you want more A, you have to consider B and C and pay attention to D" situation that this guide is supposed to avoid.

I know what your saying, the captain space skill points will remain the same. I probably didn't ask the question correctly...

I was thinking about what Bridge Officer skills would you chose to make the Eng. Cruiser as the stations would be different, ie:

Ensign Engineering Station
Lt. Commander Engineering Station
Commander Engineering Station
Lieutenant Science Station
Lieutenant Tactical Station

Would the difference in Eng Boffs instead of Tac Boffs change the way you spend your points for your captain in space or how you would equip your ship?

I'm looking for a good PvP set up for an ENG in a cruiser and you clearly know what you are doing, i'd be grateful for your advice.

Thank you.

Edit: If you will willing to save a build on the sto skill planner that would be awesome!!