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Originally Posted by count23 View Post
I honestly have one question and would love to have someone from Cryptic come back to me on this.

Do they research ANYTHING in depth before they write their stories? The Jem'Hadar depictions are just ridiculous and seem to continue here.

Here we have the Alpha of the Jem'hadar invasion fleet (A Gamma Jem'Hadar from 2376), he's TURNING ON A FOUNDER. This is the same type of jem'hadar from teh same era where they commit mass suicide before they'd harm a founder directly OR indirectly. The jem'hadar are genetically programmed not to harm them and yet this one is freely happy to sick his own men on them (again, 2376 hadar, so you cant say "25 years changes a lot of things"). This is almos as stupid as saying the Jem'hadar hatcheries are giant forcefield covered egg pits as opposed to their cannon depiction of the vat things that they found on DS9.

Add to that, starfleet doesn't have prison facilities like that, they have "reeducation" penal settlements like in New Zealand, or maximum security cells on starbases. Plus... well, yea like forcefield floors are going to stop a founder.

The entire 2800 series has been highly dissapointing, only one missionw as really worth playing (the first one), Of Bajor was patheticlly boring and mission gamma was just tedious.
Jem Hadar Commanders have disobayed and turned on the Dominion and the Founders before in DS9 - see the episode "Hippocratic Oath" (the Vorta never have, and the Vorta in the mission didn't.) So, it's not unheared of. In the mission he also gave the order to: "Kill everyone except the Founder!"