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03-04-2012, 10:46 AM
I have to agree with a lot of what all of you have said. The map itself is insanely awesome I had a grin on the entire time I was exploring. I liked the touch were some of the Exocomps would fly up to you and take a scan. But I found it really stupid how 1. The security guards went off-line so easily, their should have been some areas that had emergency protocols that kept some holograms online. 2. How did the Vorta get his Jem-hadar on to this high security prison? And I also dont like how Kar'rukan (however you spell it) has his men attack the founder. I mean I would understand disobeying her and just returning to DS9 but to attack her?

The space cutscene was a nice idea but it definitely needs a lot more polish. When Captain Shon is giving orders on his bridge, that was cool and not perfect but it was good enough. But they DEFINITELY need to add more action to the shots from outside. I mean for one have the ships moving, what they had just looked stupid.