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03-04-2012, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by LtSmith
I had the option to get it a second time and I had the Boff join my crew, but when I clicked on it again it said already have max number cannont claim another (or something to that effect). I know you cannot get the doffs after the first run.

This means that if you plan to use the BOFF reward to 'train' one its skills, you can't if you already chose him as a reward and clicked 'Join'.

Your only option then would be to 'dismiss' him, do the mission again, claim him to 'train' one of your crew, do the mission again and then claim him again to 'join'.) That's how the Reman BOFF worked too.

So the answer you are looking for is 'Yes' you can (if this BOFF is just like the Breen and Reman BOFFs from the previous series).