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03-04-2012, 03:01 PM
So with the advent of the Jem'hadar Bridge officer being available with Torpedo Spread 3 (which you can get two copies of by replaying twice, using the first Jem'hadar to train a BO with Torp Spread 3, then keeping the second Jem'Hadar for your crew), I decided to try running a new BO layout:

Cmdr Tac BO: Tac Team 1, Scatter Volley 1, Torp Spread 3, Beta 3
Lt. Cmdr Tac: Tac Team 1, Scatter Volley 1, Torp Spread 3

I tested it out a bit last night, and I do like the huge hits from Spread 3 and torps flying everywhere

I'm contemplating testing a new Forward weapon layout with this, one that I used to run albiet updated:

Forward Weapons: Quad Canons, Dual Phaser Canons MK XII (NOT HEAVY!), 2x Quantum Torpedo MK XII
Rear Weapons: 3x Phaser Turrets MK XII

I used to run setup (albeit with MK XI equipment and not the quad cannons but two normal dual canons) back when torpedos had a shared global cooldown of 3 seconds and Dual Canons also had a shared cooldown meaning you couldn't run more than two Dual Normals without causing firing issues. It used to work well because of the cooldown timing, keeping the canons and torpedos firing in a constant stream which kept shields down and kept you hitting the hull with High Yield Torpedos for HUGE critical hits.

I'm going to test it a little today, but I don't have the Prototype salvage yet for another Quantum and Dual Canon, but I'll try it with MK XI equivalents.