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03-04-2012, 02:29 PM
I like my engi scort. Yes it won't have the top end burst that a tac would have... however you can fix that... here is my suggestion. Fly it with 2 Beam Overload 3's and run one EPS unit... that + nadion and EPS transfer will allow you too pop them all the time... run 2 tractors cause you can afford too being an engi...

If you want to "assassinate" someone like a tac would... DON'T fire your first Beam Overload.... right away. Load one... and don't fire it for 15s... that way you can fire it once then hit your next one and double tap it. When my engi double taps someone I have tractored they mostly have to respawn. Just bind your cannons and your beam on different fire keys so you can choose the BOL timing.

1 Dual Beam
3 Turrets

Tac team 1 - Rapid Fire 1 - Beam Overload 3 - Omega 3
Tac team 1 - Rapid Fire 1 - Beam Overload 3
Target engines 1

Emergency power to Shields 1 - Aux to Damp 1
Tractor 1 - Tractor 2