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When this episode startred, I was blown away.
Does not happen too often lately in STO...

The prison facility is superb. It is not every time we get to visit this darker side of Federation establishment. Arguably Federation does want to keep these things away from the sight of "regular citizens".

High security environment, holographic bridges, no human, just photonic pre-programmed personnel, hevaily armed and stationed every few meters...this shows how relentless Federation can be these new days when dealing with its enemies - its no longer the "paradise" of mid 24th century.

All this was great and immersion factor 100% achieved.
Getting founder out of her cell...also fine. We're not there to chit-chat, we're there to get her to the Vorta.

But then....the absolutely illogical part of plot starts to unravel, very consistently with the level of stupidity affecting also previous episodes of this FE series:
  • Jem'Hadar attacking facility? How the *** did they find it. How the *** did they get from DS9 so far without anybody noticing it.
  • Jem'Hadar leader offended by Founder, starts rampage??? This is not Jem'Hadar I know from DS9
  • All that super high tech just goes down like they turned off a switch? Since I didnt beam down with full squad, I was fully expecting that those holo guards will be my NPC team....

My immersion was broken the moment the Jem'Hadar leader showed up. It was plainly stupid, c'mon.
The worst thing is, it was absolutely not necessary. I do not see any reason, that would require this plot point. Prisoners could have been very well freed by:
  • unexpected *technobabble* caused energy outage
  • Klingon / Gorn attack (we're at war right, and this facility is pretty close to Gorn space)
  • successful escape attempt (e.g. that Undine)

I believe this is the overall general problem of this latest FE series. Compared to previous 3 series, this one seems like written by a small child.
Cryptic, did you fire your previous writers or you just don't care anymore???
The last featured series is suffering from extreme stupid plot developments:
  • 2800 fleet staying at DS9 - if they believe war is going on, they should go on and fight it. Do the same thing they were expected to do in 2370-ties. Or at least fly to Cardassia. Occupy Bajor. Spread through whole Beta Ursae... Do not tell me that a 2800-ships fleet commander in Dominion ranks does not have at least the minimum autonomy to keep fighting without Founder babysitting him/her
  • 2800 leading Vorta seems like a stupid spoiled child, unable to look around and see changes compared to 24th C. What is stopping her to spare one, I mean ONE Jem'Hadar attack fighter, send it through wormhole and ask Dominion what is going on? She'd still have 2799 left.
  • Now, is there a war with Klingons going on or not? I know you want to give them access to DS9 because you want share content across Fed and KDF, but there must be a smarter way (maybe requiring just a *little* more work)
  • See above the 4028 issues. Again, the Jem'Hadar leader acts like a spoiled small child.

Overall, when you will be creating next FE, please hire, re-hire or just get some writer into your team, that will make sure the plot makes sense. Plot matters. That's why it is called Featured Episode.

There is only way how this FE series can be saved at the end...everyone gets a bug ship as a special reward