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03-04-2012, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by flyingwaffle123
I like what you said, but why do you have the rainbow torpedoes? I thought using rainbow weapons like this wasn't very efficient?
There are some strange things about those builds, however, the rainbow torpedo build works when you do a setup which needs its kinetic damage buffed (torps + Gravity Well) and not just a particular type of torpedo. Why? For your tactical slots you'll be using the Tactical Warhead Yield Consoles which buffs anything doing kinetic damage including your Gravity Well and all torpedos you may carry. It's just another reason why Science ships synergize so well with being a torpedo boat (especially those that want to buff their powers that do kinetic damage).

Originally Posted by corgatag
I heard torpedo consoles stopped stacking in the current patch. You may want to double-check with some common ones off the AH, but I think torpedo builds just got pummed with the nerfbat.
That's not entirely correct. Warhead Yield consoles still stack and are working as intended. The rest, not so much after this last patch. All torpedo consoles prior to the patch were buffing all kinetic damage incorrectly and not just the particular type of torpedo they were slotted for. This bug first showed up on Tribble during F2P testing with the new skill tree and it is just now been corrected...erm broken again.

Originally Posted by flyingwaffle123
The only thing I could think of was to run 25/50/25/100 and just use torpedoes since they aren't affected by weapon power, but that seems silly and I don't know if a torpedo boat for sci ships is particularly effective.

The other option that's coming to mind is to run 100/50/25/25 and keep a big stack of aux batteries and use the batteries before using sci abilities, which could work I suppose but I don't like the ideal of relying on batteries to be able to use my powers. But then I'd be stuck waiting out the 2 min CD on batteries whenever I wanted to use my sci stuff.
For what you want to do I'd recommend you go with any mix that favors either Weapons (if you tend to run with more energy weapons) or Auxiliary power. You really don't need all that extra shield power as I would assume you'll also be running EPTS. Science ships do have powers which will reliably strip shields but they are more advanced tactics and take some practice to do efficiently. Most people just prefer the spacebar. To clarify, for PvE, power drains are a more efficient way to strip shields, however, you should also pack enough burst DPS to do what you have to do when those shields are dropped (I'd recommend a mix of High Yield Trics and Plasma Torpedos). You'll honestly want to get comfortable with switching your power levels anyway under different circumstances should your build favor energy weapons. This holds true for all ship types when they want to switch from DPS to tanking to healing or simply running. If you want to be the best pilot you can be just get comfortable with it.

Originally Posted by CmdrSkyfaller
That's the problem with science ships sadly. Many people say to use the power preset settings.. thats just BS. Switching back and forth power settings on a ship that already has you overwhelmed with clicking heals and science/weapon abilities is not workable.
You should look into setting up a keybind file if you're getting overwhelmed with button clicking. It will change a lot of misconceptions about what you think is possible and not possible.