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03-04-2012, 04:31 PM
I didn't mind much of the story parts or some of the Voice Acting (Actually the Vorta voice actor sounded abit better in this one) One of my Gripes was with the fact that the Actress who played the part of the Female Changeling couldn't have been brought on for this role.

That and the fact that the Female Changling sounded more like the Male Vorta only with him trying to sound more feminie.

Also I didn't like if you choose the Violent Method, you couldn't kill the final prisoner you go to talk with.. Even if your KDF.. I mean come on.. what Klingon Officer wouldn't kill some Cowardly pat'aq like that one!

And finally, the final Cut scene before you warp out felt VERY Rushed. It should have had ships flying and maneuvering not just sitting there.. especially not the defiant. It was painfully obvious that it was just sitting there for the cut scene.