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Haven't heard about this...

Edit-I'm sorry I meant for this to be in ten forward-please move it if someone is monitoring. Sorry about that.
The game was anounced at 2011 E3.

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I remember seeing screen shots of the upcoming JJ verse game...pretty much the same type of COD and Halo gameplay...well probably not as good, but something close to it.
It was said to play more as a co-op game like gears of war (co-op is needed to be successful) and feel like the mass effect series as a shooter.

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I also played ST: IS several times and found it to be an uninspiring top-down shooter. I'm glad it's on indefinite hold.
Where did you get the chance to play Star Trek Infinite space? I was rather looking forward to that game I was thinking it would be more fun as waste time and have fun, not like STO where you have to have it installed and be ready to spend a couple hours to get work done and have fun.