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03-04-2012, 06:19 PM
I wanted to like this episode (and all the prior ones in this series) more than most. I really, really did.

This episode though.... It was like 5 minutes long! WTH!?!
I suppose, if you tried hard enough, you could squeeze another 5 minutes out of it by visiting the other cells, but would folks actually do that?

Setting the inconsitencies and discontinuities aside. I'm annoyed with this particular episode because of the shortness of it and, more importantly, because they had us sit out the ending space engagement.
I mean, what the heck was that about? I'm expected to watch the Andorian get exploded and do nothing? Why? At least let me gun down a few Attack ships on the way out.

The prison facility was beautiful, a work of art. But, sadly. the facility was all this episode had going for it, and that's not enough.

The was, at best, a 3 star Foundry mission. And, that's me being generous. I'm sorry to be so critical, but, damn... what the hell?
Next Saturday is the final episode and quite frankly this was a disappointing FE. Better to just give UGC the Jem'Hadar rewards to distribute in their Dominion/DS9 Foundry missions and we'd have gotten a better set of missions out of it.