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03-04-2012, 09:22 PM
Originally Posted by Pendra80 View Post
Unfortunately, the double beam out prompt can't be fixed because it would interfere with another pathway, badly. That is a foundry limitation at the moment.

The bottles are real props there and not used for triggering. They are placed on top of the crates, a blast probably moved one there.

I left the dates normal. Dates before 2260 are refered using normal Gregorian dates and not stardate. Data did that in First Contact also Ent used normal dates all the time.

I left the captain word all lowercase at 2 points to show the arrogance as much as possible.

I think I fixed everything else you mentioned. I'm not a native English speaker and there is only so much the spelling and grammar checker can fix. Good point about the ranks. I had no idea how to use them properly.

Thank you very much for the review again. Half the reason I made my missions was to demonstrate that authors don't have to stick to the current "all linear" approach.
I really liked it. There is no way I will ever be able to make another mission without the branching mission and dialogue tricks you and Kirkfat have taught me. This mission also demonstrated several ways to use map space for story telling. Great work!

Thanks for authoring,