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# 18 Ur Doin It Wrong!
03-04-2012, 10:20 PM
On the fleet escort build you have 2 tt's and 1 st1 listed. 3 team abilities? Is that a mistake?

I am also forced to disagree with the apo3 instead of crf3. use 2 apo1's but you are for sure on the right track for sv1 over rf1. Way more damage and procs for the right pilots.

Also the 2 neut consoles will stack with diminishing returns. i usually add the diburn console if I run two hull resist to counter all the phaser weapons out there.

I am sorry to say in that escort build Ur doin it wrong. Just my opinion but I think I know quite a bit about escorts. I would also replace that 3rd st team ability with he1 and change that aux2sif to a aux2 damp for constant speed and turn boost with the 2 apo's