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03-05-2012, 02:42 AM
I found the mission to be fairly fun, and I've run it a couple of times now.

I didn't have much of a problem with the first part of the mission...I find the fighters and worker bees go down fairly quickly when hit with torpedos...once their shields are knocked down, usually a single torp can do the job, and if you pack Harp'angs onto your shuttle/fighter you can do a good amount of area damage.

If I may make a suggestion for those having issues with the fighters and swarmers, don't forget to adjust your Active DoFFs to better compliment the size of the ship you are flying for the mission. Shuttles and fighters are much closer to escorts in style of play and so DoFFs should be slotted accordingly. It can be a big help, especially slotting a Conn officer so that you get the occasional bonus to the Evasive Maneuvers cool down.

The first time I ran through the mission I was flying a Peregrine mounting a pair of heavy cannons and har'pengs...I made short work of the fighters and Jem'Hadar ship in the first part of the mission, but the swarmers in the asteroid section nearly ate me for lunch. They were much to quick for me to target with the cannons, but I managed to get them with my torps.

Next run through I swapped the cannons out for a phaser array and had a much easier time.