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03-05-2012, 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by discovery7810
You can kill human players just with 3 rapid loading transphasic and cluster transphasic?

The firing torp on cloak is just an icing not meant anything big imo. It gives you an option to harass but never meant to give anything significant in advantage.
The Transphasics give a 20% shield penetration, so those 20% will damage the hull. Apparently they don't share a cooldown so it's just a matter of spamming them together with high yield/spread and they will do damage both to hull and shields. fire, cloak, fire cloak etc.

It might not be meant to be a big advantage, but that doesn't matter to me, all that is important is how it actually is. I will be testing this today if I have the time. I will use a Chroniton torpedo and my Bio-neural warhead in the aft, not sure yet if I am going with 4 transphasics or 3 + the breen cluster...

My build obviously concentrates on kinetic damage and defense. Since I won't be needing rapid fire any more I can make my commander a Science one and in that way access gravity well 3 as well as Tykens rift.

I will open up with GW, buff, then high yield plus spam torps. Pass him and then fire the chroniton so his turn rate goes to hell, perhaps with a torp spread. Then I turn back and torp him again, and after having passed him I use the Bio.

I am thinking of getting the vent plasma-console as well, I already have the isometric charge console which is handy when he throws destructables at me.

It will take a few tries before I can master this though, but I'll report back as soon as I am happy with the results(Or unhappy).