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03-05-2012, 06:05 AM
I liked the Guantanamo feel of the prison, with these strange subdued silent prisoners in orange jumpsuits and this incredibly alien facility compared to the rest of the Federation (even in 2409). I also liked reading up on the history and it was gratifying to see more than a few familiar faces.

I'm not sure the Jem Hadar combat part worked. Karuakan could have turned up at the end before ISIS was reactivated, the loyal Jem Hadar should just accompany Eraun rather than spawning everywhere, and I agree with earlier points that it would make more sense for the Gorn or Iconians to sabotage the facility somehow. I never got the feeling it was a "riot" either - more prisoner spawns and fewer forcefields please!

The rest of the map is straight out of the Elite Force holodeck school of map design Looking forward to PvPing on it at some point!