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03-05-2012, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by fuzun View Post
There isn't a hard cap for hull resistance. The amount of damage reduction (simplified) is

net damage = base damage x ( 1 + <armor total>/100 ).

There is another factor which really flattens out the curve at high amounts of total armor. It's levels that most player won't reach in normal play. You have to literally stack almost every damage resistance buff, device, ability, etc in the game to reach those levels.

And for "proof" there isn't a hard cap. The Abilitive Amor console for the Intrepid Refit gets an effective 90%(?) damage resistance to damage when the armor is deployed.

Thanks. I added a different ability and was able to get to 50%, so figured that part out. The fact that I had happened to hit a nice even number previously threw me I guess.

The equation you give must be incorrect though... net damage should be lower than base damage. The + should be a - I think.