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# 1 Returner, advice needed.
03-05-2012, 07:15 AM
Hello guys,

i played sto the first month when it was released and then decided to not subscribe. Now that the game is d2p i wanted to try it out again.

When i played it them time ago I created a klingo as soon a I could and started pvp'ing (my main playfield in mmos). I created a tactical, got an bird of prey and had some fun.

What I'm looking now for are some tips (game is still downloading).

Is there any other career I should choose for mainly pvp'ing?
What should I look for when I'm starting to play again? Are there any 'must haves' or some kind of thing?
Some kind of good 'noobguide to pvp leveling as klingon' somewhere?

Any kind of input is appreciated!

Thx in advance.