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03-05-2012, 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by flyingwaffle123
How the heck is that possible?
By using all the things listed below

Maco shield = +10 power to all systems when getting shot at.
Power Siphon x2 = +~30 power to all systems. Cycle them non-stop.
Emergency Power to XX + DOFF that grants power bonus when using emg pwr to XX = +power to all systems.
3 borg pieces that each give +5 power to different systems.

Its easy to do but it lowers your science ship 'science' capability to almost nothing since you need to use 2 power siphons... so that either lowers your ability to heal (tank) or to do damage (lt cmdr/cmdr slots).

A nebula offers the advantage of the universal LT slot so this ship can run this setup better than others. The one ship however that truly gets a huge benefit from this is the odyssey cruiser.