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03-05-2012, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by flyingwaffle123
But he said he was flying the Nebula which is the T3 science ship which only has a Lt engy slot. The Magellon is the T5 sci ship which has the universal Lt slot.
Scemantics, T5 Nebula,

And my gear is literally all green Mk11, and I only use 1 copy of ES3, it has an uptime longer than its cooldown .

I also have not even looked into Doffs yet, so dont have any of these.

Currently Boff layout,

Lt. Omni - EPtW1 / EPtS2
Lt. Eng - EPtW1 / EPtS2
Lt. Tac - HYT1 / BO2
Cmd Sci. - ST1 / HE2 / FBP3 / ES3
Ens. Sci - ST1

Tho considering I can basically run 125/125 to both Weapons and Shields without ES3, I might well drop it for something else, not really liking FBP2 either. Problem is that if i drop these, i would prolly use an abilities that does requrie aux, and then I would need the power from ES3 to make best use of it!