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03-05-2012, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by LtSmith
Ok after trying to make the Star Trek XI Kelvin uniforms I have given up on account that you cannot get a close belt to match it just makes the uniform to awkward.
I'll take a stab at the Kelvin uniforms when I get a chance. I agree, the belt may be a problem. It might be best to leave it out.

Originally Posted by maximus92 View Post
I can't say it enough, nice work. Anyhow, whenever you get a chance, can you take a stab at Captain Shon's Jupiter Vet uniform variant? It's pictured here.
I'll definitely look into that. I haven't run all of the new featured series yet myself as I've been really busy with work lately, but I should be able to make some time for them this week.

Originally Posted by Tafari View Post
Great thread - very useful.

Just wondering if you were planning on updating the alien colours, so that the Bajoran uniforms match the new NPCs?

I've tried the colours you provided earlier - which are a good match for the TV series, but they're far brighter than the colours Cryptic used on the new Bajor NPCs.

I really wish I didn't have to. The devs should really have used my guides when coloring those uniforms as they match the TV series much better than their choices, but I'll see what I can do about making an in-game set.

Originally Posted by DodgeHopper View Post
Black, look me up. Lets get you the mk 12 gear. I've got a spare fractal remodulator you can borrow when on team. Makes life a lot easier.
Thanks, Dodge. I'll try to get together with you soon.

Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Lord Blackavaar, will the MACO, Omega Force, and KHG armor uniforms appear under the 25th Century Uniform Guide?

I'm thinking you've said they aren't done yet, but I'm anxiously awaiting their appearance (especially the first two, I haven't got the KHG ground set on my Klingon yet), and want to make sure I'm watching the correct section.

If earning the EDC is the problem, let me know when you're in-game. I'll happily run STFs with you whenever you like.
Thanks for the offer, Vetinari. Maybe you and Dodge both can help me. I'll look you both up soon.