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03-05-2012, 11:18 AM
261) I am not allowed to set course for the Delta Quadrant without a very good, Starfleet Command-verified reason.
262) I am not allowed to ask any dark skinned Vulcans if they can use electrokinesis.
263) I am not allowed to pull the following: a "Janeway", a "Picard", an "Archer", a "Kirk", or a "Sisko".
264) Space stations are not the proper place to practice starship slaloms. This goes double if the ship is a cruiser.
265) I am not allowed to question the location of the Vorta self-termination implant, nor am I allowed to use the knowledge of its location.
266) I am not a "Modern Major Admiral".
267) Gilbert and Sullivan songs are explicitly forbidden in the following places: The Bridge, the transporter room, the engine room, the brig, and all turbolifts.
268) I am not allowed to leave port with 150 crew members and 149 space suits.
269) "Get me tea" is not a valid assignment for a duty officer.
270) I am no longer allowed to sing "Gasshin! God Gravion!" when reassembling my multi-vector ship.
271) The word "Gattai!" is now forbidden on the bridge.