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03-05-2012, 01:10 PM
In all honesty, one of the nice things about the Foundry is we're not restrained by the need to make missions a certain way. I don't think Cryptic would ever create a mission like Dereliction Duty (for one thing it's about 5x too long).

I do think they could benefit by taking some of the elements I used and applying them to shorter missions (more memorable characters, less mindless "kill 5/5 enemy groups").

That being said, if you were to put Foundry missions on a scale between story and game play, DD would probably be all the way to the left by story. Some have even said in their reviews that it's closer to being an interactive novel, and that may be a fair description.

But the strange thing is, I actually made Atlas Affair more action oriented (partly by necessity due to the situation), correcting a perceived deficiency in DD on my part, yet it's actually rated lower. So, I don't know what that means?

The only conclusion I draw from it is I'm just going to keep making the missions I enjoy, and as long as enough people keep playing them, I'll consider it worth my time (I'd like to get 500 plays over time).

If not everyone likes them, and even if some people think they are total crap, that's OK. There are plenty of other missions in the Foundry, and many of them probably have more universal appeal. That's really the great thing about the Foundry, there's something for everyone.