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03-05-2012, 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by Naevius
As a map, 4028 should have malfunctioning systems, where walkways randomly appear/vanish, forcefields come and go, prisoners escape, etc.
Yikes! That would be a bummer of a death.

Player: "La dee da dee da, running to the battle..."
Forcefield: "Hey, nap time already? Bye!" fzzzt
Player: "AAAAAHHHH!!"

I would love to see stuff like that controlled by other players. Used tactically (or for griefing your own team...?)

Originally Posted by Shook-Yang
Why not make it a new PVP mode? One team is in charge of the defense if ISIS, while the other is in charge of reinitializing ISIS.
I did mention King of the Hill and Prevent/Cause prison riot. I could see reinitializing ISIS as the end goal of the prison riot scenario. Each team starts at an ISIS terminal - one at the secondary, trying to get to the main to turn it on, the other at the main trying to keep it off for a certain amount of time (or maybe they have to shut down the secondary core as well?). Throughout, the pro-ISIS team can hack in to terminals and activate holo-guards, while the anti-ISIS can release prisoners, which have to be tagged for transport. Per above, players can also control forcefields and hallways. That might be cool.

And while you might think it would end up with the anti-ISIS team just defending the main terminal from reactivation, the NPC objectives would prevent that. The holo-guard and prisoner activation terminals would be placed throughout the facility, so the pro-ISIS team could spawn a bunch of them if the anti-ISIS team stayed put, and have a huge advantage in the assault. The anti-ISIS team would be forced to go out and counter NPCs with their own fire or with the prisoner NPCs.

There are also several control room type areas on the map, which would be used to control forcefields/walkways. They would basically become strategic areas to battle for control of.

Edit: there would have to be something useful in the holding areas, since they're off the main path, and they have the appearing walkways. Otherwise controlling the walkways become pointless, as they're off the path from end to end of the facility. Maybe have some special prisoners, like the Undine, or turret control for the pro-ISIS team?