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03-05-2012, 06:32 PM
Originally Posted by discovery7810
Thank you for letting us know that/

Anybody else tried the torpedo boat build and test it against human players?

Please post feedback whether it works or not.

To me a single B'rel torpedo boat just doesn't make any sense at least not in theory. A duo of B'rel refit one equipped with energy weapons to deplete the shield and the torpedo boat going for the kill however might not be a bad idea. But for 2 B'rel refit you might as well go with the conventional setup mix of torpedo and energy weapons.
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Originally Posted by jockey79 View Post
I've used my B'rel Retro for all sorts, PVP it can be great.

As already stated PvP you need to pick and choose your targets.

I've recently been trying out an all torp config in STFs with my guild mates, and it worked a lot better than I expected. A friend has been using an all energy weapon config and can strip shields very fast, I follow him and drop a HYT3 plasma, Tricobalt and Breen cluster (last one for over kill as I'm a sick puppy )

We were all amazed at how much damage I can spike in 1 go with that config. Also have Bio-N to alt fire with my Tricobalt (30 sec global cooldown so 30 sec refire as opposed to 1 min for 1 device) and use plasma and breen on the rear as well. This is really good as you do not have to drop from cloak at all so never become a target, but it does rely on others taking shields down first.

With the right skills, and concentration, you can do almost* anything in the B'rel Retro.

* = Except tank of course
And direct response to me 3 posts after mine.....

Originally Posted by Kolbrand
Just want to pop in and say that this build is pure WIN.

I used THY Quantums, followed by the Breen Cluster, followed by Bioneural (plus the Trico for reduced cooldown).

The only thing I couldn't pop solo was one of those ugly tri-nacelled enterprise abominations flown by a good player.