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03-05-2012, 05:35 PM
Originally Posted by Redstar_swe
A 1 second global cooldown doesn't sound to bad for me, the rapids have 8 secs reload so if I have 3 or 4 I can still have them on continuous firing and throw in high yield/ torp spread when it is available. I also employ every possible sci shield destroyer skill available . The chroniton was spot on, but I made a fool of myself when acquiring the rapids today, I bought two ordinary purple ones by mistake... Well, it's only energy credits. Today I did the breen episode that rewards you with the rapid variant, so now I have 2. I'll do it again tomorrow so I can test the torp boat to its fullest
Well, waiting for 3 global cooldowns, you are staying vulnerable for at least 6 seconds. That isn't too bad; in fact, I do it all the time with my loadout above. The problem is that you are not doing enough damage. This means you need multiple copies of torp high yield or spread just to begin approaching useful amounts of damage. A decent cruiser pilot is still likely to permatank you.

On top of this, just to apply that damage, you will need to be decloaked more than you will be cloaked. You might as well fit cannons and go to a Hegh'ta at that point. I use my B'rel in single, high damage strikes. If the Target is alone, I will maneuver and make multiple quantum passes to finish him off if he managed to survive my alpha. With the Transphasic fit, you will always need to make multiple passes, and forget about taking down a single ship out of a fedball.

We have to play this ship to it's strengths. Otherwise the Hegh'ta is a better choice for 'standard' BoP play.

Edit: To add to the poster above me, I switched the second Trico for a hargh'peng. I can alpha just about anything now with all buffs running. Only limiting factor is the Bioneural making contact against good players. I have racked up over 170 fed kills in only a few hours of play since I tried that build.