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03-05-2012, 05:50 PM
Originally Posted by Kolbrand
Edit: To add to the poster above me, I switched the second Trico for a hargh'peng. I can alpha just about anything now with all buffs running. Only limiting factor is the Bioneural making contact against good players. I have racked up over 170 fed kills in only a few hours of play since I tried that build.
LOL, didn't notice when I posted you were posting in here as well

Yeah, I've been trying out the Hargh'peng myself for a 4 torp alpha strike. Kept a tri and a breen on the rear atm, though I miss having mines to annoy people between alphas as I took to breen + plasma mines + aceton + turret drop... really annoys people in PvP

Glad to see you enjoyed the load out I posted and have been tweaking it, nothing like putting those little tweaks to a config to make you feel like the hard work and suffering we do as BoP pilots is worth it when it all comes together and works out well

Edit: Forgot to ask Kolbrand, how you getting on versus the Gal-X now after your tweaking? I hope you now pop them with ease