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03-05-2012, 06:21 PM
Originally Posted by discovery7810
For me I load 3 dual heavy cannon(disruptor) and a transphasic cluster torpedo forward.
For aft I have transphasic mine and a disruptor turret.

The strategy is to DECLOAK and fire all weapons and buffs(and gravity wells as well as tractor beam) and then launch the aft mines in face distance then getting away and cloak back.

The aft disruptor turret is for shooting incoming destructible projectile.

But if I see the enemy firepower not too overpowering I just park near or very near and keep firing everything until he go BOOM.

The firing torp on cloak is just an icing not meant anything big imo. It gives you an option to harass but never meant to give anything significant in advantage.
If you're doing this, you should really be in a Hegh'ta, as it has more hull and shields, with the only thing the B'rel has over it is enhanced battle cloak, which you're not making use of anyway by decloaking manually.