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03-05-2012, 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by seussified View Post
It's not just that AMS is overpowered- it's so EASY TO USE.

You could make an arguement that Theta Vent Radation is really powerful- but you still have to fly really fast and try to catch them in the gas.
Like a BoP or a Garumba can't do that. I don't like AMS either but at least it doesn't shut your whole system down, turning your ship into floating paper for the duration. HE doesn't clear it unless you're at the very outside edge of the cloud because the HoT can't keep up with the rate of debuff reapplication.

It takes a whole team equipped with AMS to make it bothersome. It only takes one Klink with VTR to lockout a player's control till respawn.

I hate em both.