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03-05-2012, 11:31 PM
Originally Posted by Boba_Fett215
Well, why not make your ideas in a computer graphics program, post the link on the forums, and then submit to Cryptic, that way you can prove it was your idea.

Cryptic is considering tier 6 since so many people are ranking up to VA so fast. I drew up designs, haven't made them yet.
That is exactly the reason why they DO NOT want people to submit their work (I am actually sure it says that you are not to submit things to them in the EULA).

If people can proove "I had that idea first", then Cryptic are significantly more likely to avoid using anything even remotely similar, to avoid a lawsuit or lengthy negotiations with the artist/CBS.

Oh and... I highly doubt we will ever see T6 ships... Unless of cause Current T5 ships get an upgrade option... Imagine the rage if all those people who bought T5 ships and Costumes suddenly become obsolete... We are past the point where they can add T6... It would slit the throat of STO.