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03-06-2012, 01:31 AM
Originally Posted by Kolbrand
Let's not split hairs here. You understand the type of cursing it refers to. A simple "**** you got me", is much different from "***** I ****ed your mom, you are a ***** *****, 9/11 was an inside job, **** space shuttle challenger *****"
Which can be done without the profanity. Most of the nonsense that takes place in ESD puts to shame any of the /picard one might find themselves doing in Ker'rat.

Even some of what you said there did not involve profanity. It's mainly a case of folks trolling in Ker'rat, etc. They do it with or without profanity - usually they do it without. All the political, religious, racist, etc, etc, etc trolling can be annoying... often it is not enough just to /ignore the troll, because of all the...ahem...folks that feed that troll.

It can get quiet there pretty fast at times. I tend to pseudo-ignore those folks - do not even have to /ignore them, it's simply a case that I visually tune them out.

The ego folks...well, those people tend to go on the /ignore list. There are a few that consider themselves above everybody else, and well - they just rub me the wrong way, lol.