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03-06-2012, 02:20 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer
There are Red Alerts if you want to fight alongside the opposing faction against the Borg.

In Ker'rat, the Borg are background. The Federation and the KDF are competing against each other. Hence the reason it is a warzone. The Feds and KDF are trying to complete the "mission" before the other side does. If you have part of your group trying to complete the "mission" while part of your group is trying to prevent the other side from completing the "mission"... then you have Ker'rat.

The Feds and KDF are not there to defeat the Borg. They are there fighting over resources controlled by the Borg. Given that the zone is broken with regard to -50 Borg, the Borg are not even a factor. It is simply a race, most often won by the Feds because of simple numbers. It is a violent race though, where eliminating the other guy racing is a good way for you to win...
Then why is the assignment (and reward) based on fighting the borg, rather than the opposite faction? Shouldn't there be something like 'prevent the opposite faction from capturing the borg artifact' if it is primarily a pvp zone?

Both sides competing to see who gets the most borg kills isn't 'pvp' in the context of this thread. That's like saying Gimli and Legolas were mortal enemies because they competed for most orc kills.

I am not trying to suggest that anyone engaging the opposite faction in the zone is wrong for doing so, just that anyone there to fight borg not klingons (or feds) shouldn't be derided for it.