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03-06-2012, 03:05 AM
Originally Posted by Kolbrand
Federation Players:

1. Ker'rat is a player vs player zone. When a KDF player sees you, he has little way of knowing whether you will attack him if he flies near you, or if you are just there to fight Borg. Remember this, and don't complain if the KDF captain decides not to take the chance.

2. Every KDF captain who attacks you at the spawn is not neccessarily camping. Sometimes they wander over there in our search for targets. Not that it matters. If you have ever fired on a lone bird-of-pray in a cluster of federation ships during map reset, you have lost your right to complain about spawn camps.

3. Don't talk trash or respond to trash talk. It just makes you look like a punk.

4. Don't ask for 1v1's in zone chat, or complain when you get jumped by a BoP wolfpack. You would have (and do!) done the same thing. If you really have a bone to pick and want to set up a duel, have some class and send a tell.

4a. In the same vein, don't use profanity or call people names. It just makes you look like a punk.

4b. Don't cry when somebody doesn't honor a 1v1. It doesn't gain you anything, and remember you are in a warzone, after all.

5. Don't complain about KDF pilots using their cloak to escape death. It is an integral part of their ships' capabilities, and if you had it, you would use it too, for that reason.

KDF Players

1. Feel free to attack anything you see. But if a federation captain requests politely that you leave them alone (no smack talk, no name calling), have some class and move to a different target. There are plenty of federation players who will act like turds and be more satisfying to kill. No need to ruin someone else's fun.

2. Don't camp the spawn. Yes, federation players do it too, but doing it just makes you look like a punk, and there are plenty of other ships flying around that you can blow up.

2a. Unless the federation captain is sitting afk at the spawn. Screw that guy. Just be careful, it might be a trap.

3. Don't talk trash or respond to trash talk. It just makes you look like a punk.

4. Never honor 1v1 challenges issued in zone chat. Just ignore it. If contacted directly through a tell, give the challenge some consideration.

4a. Don't use profanity or call people names. It just makes you look like a punk.

4b. If someone is a jerk and demands a 1v1, do your best to break it. Don't complain when federation captains do the same.

5. Use your cloak. Don't let federation whiners guilt you into not utilizing your craft to it's fullest.

1. you know a cowardly KDF captain will be under cloak, use a sci ship assuming you are a sci and use a detection method or keep moving about otherwise, dont give the enemy comander to find a weakness and always be prepared for a fight.

2. if your overwhelmed, divert all power to engines and use evasive, usually the opposite direction the kdf ships are facing especially if they are all cruisers. always make sure to be ready to use hazard emitters , polarize hull or attack pattern omega, if nothing else use scramble sensors, even if its half a second, it could be the difference between surviving and dying.

3. insults have never gotten anywhere before and it would make it more likely the KDF will hunt you down specifically because you use insults. meat attracting maggots.

4. 1v1 matches? why would someone want to do that when they can have more fun just popping your ship?

a. same as 3.

b. same as 4. A and B are irrelivant.

5. if a coward wants to cloak from battle instead of fighting to the death with honor, simplly use a detection method if your a sci and hunt him down. show the coward no mercy.


1. if a fed tells you to leave him, just pop him! if he is silly enough to come into a PvP zone and promptly get himself owned, thats his problem.

2. since there is nothing preventing you from camping, feel free until the day there is a proper spawn protection in place like 2 overpowered cannons with full detection capability, capable of shooting down anything in 3 shots at most, cloaked or not. until then, there is nothing stopping you from killing feds while your team wins the round as it should.

3. same as fed 3.

4. same as fed 4.

A and B are pointless as they are the same as 3 and 4.

5. if you planning on an act of cowardice in the field and use the cloak to escape your rightful destruction, its highly advised that you run and heal back up and get back into the fight to regain your honor you shamefully lost. just dont tell the high council about it .