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03-06-2012, 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by kimmera
Then why is the assignment (and reward) based on fighting the borg, rather than the opposite faction? Shouldn't there be something like 'prevent the opposite faction from capturing the borg artifact' if it is primarily a pvp zone?

Both sides competing to see who gets the most borg kills isn't 'pvp' in the context of this thread. That's like saying Gimli and Legolas were mortal enemies because they competed for most orc kills.

I am not trying to suggest that anyone engaging the opposite faction in the zone is wrong for doing so, just that anyone there to fight borg not klingons (or feds) shouldn't be derided for it.
The participation rewards are the same - whether you fight the opposing side, fight the Borg, spend the whole thing dead, etc, etc, etc.

The reward for actually winning the zone - which is broken because of the -50 Borg - goes to the side that captures the facility (and to the top folks from that side).

Enter Ker'rat in a +4 Borg instance - get 28 points on the board from decrypting and destroying repair hulks. You get a reward...a purp. You don't have to get the full 28, just be #1 in the list.

That reward does not exist in a -50 Borg broken instance, but it being broken does not change what it should be doing.

If you allow the opposite side to complete the decryptions/hulks, then you lose your chance at the item reward.

It's not about beating the Borg. It's about beating the opposite side.

The Fed missions are War Zone of Klingon (various words) - not War Zone of Borg...
The KDF missions are Seizing Enemy (various words) - and involve stealing "supplies" from the Feds... not the Borg.

It is a warzone - a PvP zone. If you do not want to face the possibility of being involved in PvP, do not go into a PvP zone. It's that simple.

There are multiple methods to reach that 8k Dil Cap per toon. No doubt, the broken -50 Borg make Ker'rat the fastest. No doubt, getting the reward without having to do anything makes it the easiest. It's not the only way to farm Dilitihium though.

It's a PvP zone... you should expect to be attacked. You agree to the possibility of being attacked by another player by going in the zone...

Complain about the broken -50 Borg, the Mk I drops instead of what they should be, and no reward for completing the "mission"... complain about the broken restart spawn that has the Feds spawning at the KDF spawn... complain about the stretch cubes and the rubberbanding spheres/probes... complain about folks instance hopping while dead to complete the mission without doing anything... complain about dead folks at the spawn being able to see cloaked enemy ships...

...don't complain about PvP happening in a PvP zone. Don't say it's not consensual, when you consented by going into the zone.

It's that simple.