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03-06-2012, 03:19 AM
Originally Posted by Xautos
1. you know a cowardly KDF captain will be under cloak, use a sci ship assuming you are a sci and use a detection method or keep moving about otherwise, dont give the enemy comander to find a weakness and always be prepared for a fight.
Says this to the Fed...

5. if you planning on an act of cowardice in the field and use the cloak to escape your rightful destruction, its highly advised that you run and heal back up and get back into the fight to regain your honor you shamefully lost. just dont tell the high council about it .
...and this to the KDF...

2. if your overwhelmed, divert all power to engines and use evasive, usually the opposite direction the kdf ships are facing especially if they are all cruisers. always make sure to be ready to use hazard emitters , polarize hull or attack pattern omega, if nothing else use scramble sensors, even if its half a second, it could be the difference between surviving and dying.
...but suggests this to the Fed.

Ironic, eh?